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Tuxedo Pharmacy is one of those rare gift shops that manages to perfectly balance home décor, bath & body, as well as fashion accessories.  This creates a unique shopping experience and an ideal place to go when you are looking for that special gift. Some of the lines that we carry are:

Beatriz Ball:

Beatriz Ball is lustrous fine metal ware. Utterly simple and completely gorgeous Beatriz Ball pieces are made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting: pouring a premium quality alloy of molten aluminum into sand molds and then going through four levels of polishing.

Each piece in the Beatriz Ball Collection speaks for itself, unfolding a story of the creativity of the artists who designed it, the skill of the craftsmen who manufactured it and the splendid service that each piece offers.

They go from refrigerator, to oven, to table, and are perfectly suited for today’s casual lifestyles. Beatriz Ball is made of an FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminum alloy. They never tarnish.  Ideal to chill foods, or warm up to 325 degrees.  Hand wash to maintain the gleaming finish each piece offers.

In a world of mass production, handmade is the true luxury.

Lampe Berger:

Created with imagination and designed in glass, stoneware, ceramic or Limoges porcelain, Lampe Berger has a design for every decor and every personality. It is an object d’art that adds unending delight and dimensions to the home, delicately perfuming a room, while at the same time purifying the air and destroying odors. And…it really works!

Enjoy all of these things without an open flame burning as with candles   Where other products just add perfume to unpleasant odors, the Lampe Berger actually purifies the atmosphere before perfuming it. All without an open flame.  Lampe Berger is the original…don’t settle for less.


Since its inception in 1994, Votivo has built a worldwide reputation for high quality home fragrances and distinctive packaging. Each Votivo product is a culmination of care and commitment to detail. Each candle is hand-crafted. Each tissue is hand-wrapped. Each pewter seal is hand-pressed. Each candle is specially made. At the heart of every Votivo candle is a unique fragrance meticulously formulated and layered to reflect depth, richness, and complexity. Our candles are famous for their ability to quickly fill a room with wonderful fragrances. As one of the original domestically made luxury candle lines, Votivo passionately pursues excellence in the art of candle making.

Claire Burke:

As an interior designer of the country’s most prestigious homes, Claire Burke, knew that even the most extraordinary rooms weren’t complete without the right decorative accessories and an exquisite scent to tie it all together.  Her personal combinations of botanical elements and complex fragrances became her trademark, and her creative vision sparked an industry. As demand grew, small boutiques began carrying Claire Burke’s brand of hand mixed potpourri. Fifty years later, Claire Burke is acknowledged for its long-standing history of delivering quality to its customers through a variety of home fragrance products.

Claire’s original potpourri mixture of rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices has an almost cult following because there is nothing that comes close to mimicking her original blend.  It’s a fragrance that grows on you over time and captivates even the most discerning tastes.

Other Home Décor Lines:

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