Fashion & Accessory

Our gift shop is well-known throughout the community for our fantastic selection of jewelry, fashion items, and accessories.  We understand that in our everyday lives, an accessory is really a necessity. Necessities, however durable they must be, can also be fun, sophisticated, fanciful or just downright stunning pieces of fashion as well.

Tuxedo Pharmacy carries a wide selection of amazing handbags, many unique and all fashionable. We are now carrying luxurious loungewear from PJ Harlow. In addition, we carry elite lines like Hobo International, featuring luxurious leathers in beautiful colors and patterns, and Shiraleah, fashioned from vegan leather, an animal friendly material designed to look like leather, we have a large selection to complement any wardrobe.

You’ll also find bags and wallets from makers such as Mellie Bianco, Ame & Lulu, Echo Design, Spartina 449, Mary Frances and more…a huge selection to suit your every need.

We have scarves from many different lines that are beautifully functional as well as fashionable in a range of knit, silk, rayon and cotton blends.  They are the perfect finishing touch for the daytime outing or a night on the town.

Top everything off with panache in one of our fabulous hats from makers such as San Diego Hat, Echo Design or Shiraleah and you’re ready to head out the door looking fantastic from head to toe, in a style unique to you.

We carry an ever-evolving, carefully handpicked collection of fashion and jewelry presented in a fun, friendly and high-service environment.  Our customers have come to recognize that Tuxedo Pharmacy is their go-to place for finding distinctive pieces to express their individual style.

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